From the beginnings of civilization to modern times a debilitating disease known as the Deity virus has plagued mankind. The virus has struck in nearly every major and minor civilization and continues to do so today despite modern medicine. The virus does not only effect the individual infected with it. Many civilizations have fallen as a direct or indirect result of the virus. The infected individual is often forced to spread the virus by almost any means and often leads to death for those who are strong enough to fight the disease. The virus is so war like in nature that it will even fight against other mutations of itself. The majority of the deaths as a result of the virus are due to infection of two different strands of the virus.

Hundreds of mutations of the virus have been recorded over time. Many mutations of the virus are now extinct including the northern European, Egyptian and Greek strands. Today the virus exists as several hundred strands and infects billions of people. The most noteworthy of the modern strands are the Muslim, Hindu and Christ viruses.

The Christ virus is a mutation of the Yahweh virus of the Middle East and was first discovered around 2000 years ago. The virus quickly spread throughout Europe and then the Americas and now threatens Asia and Africa. The virus can be traced back to the first man believed to contract the virus. He is known as patient
zero. Not much was recorded at the time of patient zero, but most believe that he was the first case of this new mutation. Today the Christ virus (named after patient zero) is the most aggressive and successful mutation of the Deity virus.

As one of the few who dream of eradication and believe it is possible; I have set up this web site in hope to arouse public awareness about the virus and what can be done about it. This may be our last and greatest chance to rid humanity of one of our greatest weaknesses. Here we are entering a new millennium full of
promise and wonder. Imagine how Deity can anchor humanity to the earth and the past, never allowing us to reach what lies just beyond our grasp.

Enjoy your stay in the Atheist Empire. This is one of the few places that show a world free of Deity and full of mind. I hope you will also return again and again because I plan add to the Empire and create something absolutely amazing.