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Though I consider myself a Christian, I do not support the Christian apologetic stance that our faith can be verified through reason, and George Smith's "Atheism: The Case Against God" gives ample reasons as to why. Faith should be, as Soren Kierkegaard envisioned it, a purely irrational leap.
Atheists United, November 1993
"Few other books offer such an insightful and conclusive indictment of religion . . . immensely readable and intellectually stimulating."

Norm Allen, Atheists of Florida, May 1993
"An excellent, entertaining and highly readable book which can be used to easily demolish the 'strongest' arguments of unreasoning Christians . . . a remarkable debating aid."

The English speaking world rarely acknowledges the many and varied gifts that "disbelievers" have bestowed upon humanity. Churchmen generally contend that great figures in history, such as America's founders, were conventional believers. But author James A. Haught demonstrates that this just isn't true. In 2000 Years Of Disbelief: Famous People With The Courage To Doubt, ... intelligent, educated people tend to doubt the supernatural.

This book is your front-row ticket to mankind’s most enthralling debate. An atheist for thirty years, David Mills argues that God is unnecessary to explain the universe and life’s diversity, organization and beauty.

This unique and captivating book rebuts every argument ever offered to "prove" God’s existence and the Bible’s credibility — arguments from logic, common sense, Christian apologetics, philosophy, ethics, history, and up-to-the-minute science.

Science & Theology News, March 2004
"General readers...will want to browse this book. For believing theologians, it's a call to arms."

Midwest Book Review,
"Every chapter in this book is logical, definitive, indisputable (except by unteachables) and provides complete proof of its conclusions."
Ruth Green has done a masterful job of dissecting piece by piece every story and line of the Bible. Unlike the reviewer who choose not to read this book before reviewing, Ruth clearly demonstrates having read every last syllable of the Bible.

Many theists are taught only selected portions of the Bible. They conveniently gloss over the more horrific aspects. Ruth takes all passages into account, those where God is shown to be grand and those where he's spiteful, cruel and morally repugnant.

From Publishers Weekly
Oxford University's McGrath has distinguished himself not just as an historical theologian, but as a generous and witty writer who brings life to topics that would turn to dust in others' hands. Here he explores the history of atheism in Western culture, observing that atheism seems to be succumbing to the very fate—irrelevance and dissolution—that atheists once predicted would overtake traditional religion. How did atheism ("a principled and informed decision to reject belief in God") become so rare by the turn of the 21st century?
This is a brief, but remarkably potent polemical tract against religion and the state. Bakunin never minces his words, expressing his inexhaustible contempt for religion and state in bitterly cynical language that very strongly resembles that of Nietzsche. I was, quite frankly, impressed with Bakunin's case against the state
The arguments are well spelled out in simple terms and frequent examples are given. The book is a very quick read.

More Atheism Books

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