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My atheism's acting up again! (20kb/mp3)

Ned prank calls the 700 Club (3.6mb/mp3) Prank call to the 700 club. Funny as hell! ****

Consumers Guide to Religion (3.34mb/mp3) Funny!

Kissing Hanks Ass (video/ off site) by Nimpsy a must see video version of the Hanks Ass skit! *****

Islamic Fundamentalists (The Onion) (230kb/mp3) Funny radio bit.

Pastor Deacon Fred of Landover Baptist (2.8mb/mp3) Speech from the Godless american's march on washington. Amazing performance! ****

Lie Girls Flag-waving, bible-thumping babes are waiting for you! These girls pose a grave ans gathering threat- to your pants!

Creationist Classroom (video/ offsite) funny and scary animation.

Baby Got Book (Sir mixalot parody) (video/ offsite)

Farting Preacher 4 (video/ offsite) ****

Keep your jesus off my penis (video/ offsite) ***

also see: comedians guide for more audio.


-Tom Leykis-
radio talkshow host
list of stations

what if your wrong (606kb/mp3) "the worst thing about being an atheist is, when we're dead, I won't be able to tell you, I told you so!"

an atheist! (1.3mb/mp3) Tom fights with a caller about being disrespected as an atheist.

atheist BoyScout (452kb/mp3) Tom talks about the Seattle scout who has 1 week to decide if he believes in God.

9-11 (1.7mb/mp3) Tom talks about the terror attack. "no god would let that happen!" ****

Creationism (2.2mb/mp3) Tom talks with 2 callers about creation science.

Laws of our Christian country (1.6mb/mp3) Caller askes Tom what he thinks of our Christian laws.

abortion (1.4mb/mp3) Tom is attacked by anti-abortionists for being an atheist and pro-abortion.




Scopes Monkey Trial (2.9mb/mp3) old radio broadcast about the historical evolution trial with audio from the trial.

Pledge ruling Newscast (streaming/ real video) video newscast about the court decision and Michael Newdow.




Godless pledge led by Newdow (160kb/mp3) Dr. Michael Newdow leads the crowd at the Godless American's March on Washington in the Godless pledge of Allegiance.

Audio from the Godless American's march on Washington

NPR - National Public Radio pieces dealing with atheists

Atheist Viewpoint audio shows by American Atheists





Interview with James Radi (6.5mb/mp3 in .zip)

Atheist BoyScout (452kb/mp3) Tom Leykis talks about the Seattle scout who has 1 week to decide if he believes in God.

Frank Zappa- Jesus thinks you're a jerk (2.4mb/mp3) Interview about his song and opinions about Jesus.





David Koresh (54kb/wav) "They don't believe I'm Christ do they?"

Charles Manson -ET (40kb/wav) "who's behind it all? This mysterious ET call Satan!"

Skeptic (393kb/wav) "the new rebel is a skeptic and will not entirely trust anything"

ethics (94kb/mp3) ours is an age where ethics has become obsolete, it is superseded by science, deleted by psychology, dismissed by as a motive by philosophy..."

Christian- Atheism (114kb/wav) "the greatest cause of atheism today is Christians"

Jimmy Swaggart? -sinned (19kb/wav) "I have sinned against you"

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell on 911 attacks (387kb/mp3) "The ACLU/ abortionists/pagans/feminists/ gays and lesbians have to take blame for this"




The last Temptation of Christ (1.13mb/mp3) collection of audio clips from the film.

Heart of the Beholder Clips

The God who wasn't there Clips

also see the Atheist Movie Guide



The Simpsons 'Homer proves no God!' (2mb/wmv) ****

SNL Church Lady interviews Pat Robertson (8.2mb/mov) ***
The Church Lady played by Dayna Carvey interviews presidential candidate Rev. Pat Robertson played by Al Frankin

Farting Preacher (2mb/ mpg) ****

"I'm a God Warrior!" from trading Spouces

-Coming Eventually -

I have some great South Park clips and the Mad TV skit "Atheist Church". I will put them up after I have compressed them.





The Godless Collection graphics and animations by Michael Pain. Free for personal use- read details.

Humor Section guide to all the funniest atheist stuff on the internet with comics and other funny images.



Great Minds Quotes (147kb/ pdf) a collection of quotes by some of humanities greatest minds concerning religion, spirituality and gods. This is the text version of the Great Minds section for your personal use.

Am I an Atheist or an Agnostic - Bertrand Russell (46kb/pdf)

Common Arguments against Atheism - (119kb/doc)
response to common arguments against atheism

The Philosophy of Atheism - Emma Goldman, 1916 (12kb/pdf)

Positive Atheism - Gora (152kb/pdf)

The Bible Unmasked - Joseph Lewis, 1926 (588kb/pdf)

What is an Agnostic - Bertrand Russell (57k/pdf)

Why I left the Ministry and Became an Atheist - Vincent Runyon, 1959 (93kb/pdf)




-Animations/ Screensavers-

The Light flash animation

'Priceless' flash animation

Stand Up flash animation

Intro 1 website intro flash animation with sound

Intro 2 website intro flash animation with sound



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