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The Atheist Empire Presents:

submission and rules

Best of the Godless Web Award

The best of the best when it comes to freethought, atheistic, skeptical and non-believer websites.
These sites are both aesthetically pleasing and filled with great content and purpose.

NoBeliefs.com (freethinkers)

One Nation Under God






Godless Activist Award

This award goes to groups and individuals who reach out beyond the confines of closed communities and attempts to change the world view of non-believers or levels the playing field by making our society fairer by fighting the influence of Theology.

Infidel Guy Radio

Atheist Network

Freedom From Religion Foundation and 'Freethought Today'





Marshal Applewhite - Godless Humor Award

An award that thanks those who put a little chuckle in our hardened hearts. This award goes to parody websites, fun products, comics, games, animations and anything else blasphemous enough.



Godless Group Award

Given to the most active non-believer communities including messageboards, chat rooms, local, national and international groups.

To submit a website, add a new post with your information.

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+ New Post Rules

feel free to suggest your faorite freethought and atheist websites or comment on the Godless Web Awards
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You are welcome to submit your website as long as

  1. You believe that the website is truly worthy of an award.
  2. The website is on topic and furthers the ideas of Atheism, Agnosticism, Non-believer's Rights and Politics, Anti-Religious, Secularism etc.

All websites submitted will be reviewed. Websites submitted more than once without any major changes will be considered harassment and will be ignored. As will websites that are off topic.

Winning websites will receive a congratulatory Email and will be listed on the awards page as long as they display the award and link to either the Godless Web Awards or the Atheist Empire. Websites that do not comply may be removed.




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