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Founded November, 3rd, 1998

Welcome to the Atheist Empire.
I hope you enjoy the web site and appreciate all the years of hard work that has gone into making it the best. For a complete list and description of pages see the site map. Thanks for your interest and support.
- Michael Pain

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"This is the revolution and humanities evolution beyond the plague.
Open your eyes and march into the future.
Stand tall on this new ground.
A place purged of ancient ritual and dogma.

This is the Atheist Empire."



The Atheist Empire Club hosted by Yahoo! was created November 3rd 1998 by Michael Pain. The first version of this, the accompanying web site later followed hosted by Geocities.

Today the Atheist Empire Club has over 1000 members, 37,0000 posts and is among the web's most active atheist message boards. The club was later switched over to the Yahoo! Groups format with added functionality.

The web site is one the most revered atheist sites on the web and is now in its sixth incarnation with more than 50 pages of original content and is averaging over 7,500 page views a month. Updates and new pages are frequent.

The traffic to the web site has changed drastically. Initially most visitors came through the Yahoo! message board. Now more than 50% comes from search engines. The Great Minds section which features quotes has eclipsed all others in traffic and is a major entry point for visitors.

July 2002- The Atheist Empire finally goes ".com"; the web site is moved to http://atheistempire.com and was hosted by catalog.com.

July 30th, 2002- The Atheist Empire is mentioned in an article about The Godless march on Washington in the Weekly Standard titled 'You Gotta (Dis)Believe'.

"But while there may be few atheist confabs in the real world, in cyberspace they're innumerable. Over 70 organizations have already endorsed the March on Washington, including the Atheist Empire , Atheists Anonymous...etc."

"On the web, an atheist can do just about anything, from buying godless gear (like Darwin fish or mugs emblazoned with the slogan "Tough love is a timeout in the corner, Not an eternity in HELL!" * ) to meeting a mate..."

* From a product in the Atheist Empire's Faith-X store

November 3rd, 2003 - The Atheist Empire Group celebrates it's 5th anniversary!

March, 2005- Two newspaper ads are published in Iowa featuring The Atheist Empire.



The purpose of the message board and this web site is to further the ideas and discussion of freethought and atheism. All effort goes into making this web site the best resource for non-believers, inciting discussions of relevant ideas and promoting our services.

I don't consider myself a researcher or writer but rather a collector and organizer of information. This web site was created out of a need for a single web site that holds all the important and entertaining information that exists in an attractive, simple and organized manor.

All information is believed to be accurate, in context and was taken from reputable sources. There are plenty of dry and analytical atheist web sites out there so consider this the 'Cliff's Notes'/ 'Disneyland' of atheism. I strongly encourage further research and examination of any information you find compelling.

- Michael Pain (founder/ webmaster)

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Group Members: 1000+
Posts: 37,000+
Web Pages: 50+
Visitors: 122,000 +
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Daily Visitors: 230

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-Visitor Stats-

85% atheist
28% > 60 years old
40% < 24 years old
75% USA
6.3% Europe
2.5% Australia
2.5% Canada
25% from google.com



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