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The World of Michael Pain

Name: ***********
Alias: Michael Pain
Location: Eugene, OR USA
Born: 1979
Relationship: 3 years with Velouria
Email: use form

Interests: Philosophy, Politics, Science, Atheism, Music, Multi Media (web design, electronic music, graphics, animation, video and audio), working out, basketball, Pro Wrestling.

Music: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, Marilyn Manson, VAST, KoRn, White Zombie,
Evanesence, Ozzy Osbourne

Films: Seven, Planet of the Apes (original), Contact, Apocalypse Now, Cruel Intentions, Lord of the Rings, Alien films and naughty forign films.

TV: Frontline, The Simpsons, WWE Raw and Smackdown, anything on The Discovery Channel, TLC and PBS.

Artists: H.R. Geiger, M.C. Escher

Collections: Fantasy Swords and Knives, Figures from the Alien Films.

Dislikes: Racism, Religion, Nationalism, Country music, Conformism, Abercrombie & Fitch, Trends, Conservatism, Republicans.






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Thougths on Theism: my thougnts on religion, belief and God.
My Poetry: My best writings on religion, sex, relationships, society and myself
My Story: My belief and the creation of the Atheist Empire
My Polatics: My views

My Story:

Growing up I was raised essentially agnostic. My mother was raised Catholic but really left it behind in her adult life. My dad never really took a serious stance but certainly isn't a friend of the church. I remember in grade school my mother would tell me that if anyone asked me if I believe in God to say, “I don't know”. Like good manners it was not appropriate to say that you don't believe in God. From an early age for me religion was classified along with Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, fairy tails and fantasy. It was just a tradition that made people feel good. I never honestly prayed but did test God on occasion.
I was not sheltered from religion. My mother would tell me about Christianity but was often objectively critical of it especially in matters of conflict with science. Once in a while I would go with my friend and his family to their church and would occasionally attend a church Christmas production.
Later in Middle School and High School while learning about mythology it became clear to me that Christianity was one and the same. I have always had an interest in biology, science, history and politics. I gained an interest in watching the news on TV and occasionally found myself watching CBN news on the 700 club. The mindless ramblings of Pat Robertson and the bunch lit a fire under me!
‘Atheist' had always been a bad word to me. I had never heard it used in a positive way. All I knew was that Pat didn't like atheists so it couldn't be all that bad. After a while I grabbed a dictionary and looked up the word. “Denial of the existence of a deity” was what it said. It would take years of denial for me to understand the definition and apply the term to myself.
In the later half of High School I began writing and philosophizing to myself about religion and belief. This was the origin of the “Thoughts on Theism” page and my poetry.

I finally became confident enough to discuss my ideas with others and found that I could hold my own with opposition and hold the interest of intellectuals. I eventually admitted to my senior year girlfriend that I was an Atheist and she admitted that I had nearly turned her MENSA brain the same way.
After High School I began using the Internet and found myself among friends and enemies. The great debate began! Information was prevalent, as were like-minded people. I began using a yahoo club to discus religion. When it closed, I started my own. ‘The Atheist Empire' was born! After a lot of hard work it began to thrive and over the years became one of the most active atheist message boards. I also started an accompanying website. This is my baby and my pride and joy! Over the years and through many incarnations it took off. Eventually garnering what I consider a consistently large audience and high praise from visitors. I truly believe this will be my legacy and my gift to humanity.
Then into my life came ‘Velouria'. More than anyone she brought me and my beliefs into the real world. I have to say, it feels so good to be with someone who shares my beliefs (or lack there of). For once I am truly not alone. What atheists need, even more than public relations, is each other.

Share your godless story here

My Politics:

I am fiscally conservative, socially liberal and registered Democrat. I believe that we should be governed from the middle with respect to cultural diversity, social and scientific progress and economic strength all on a global scale.

I believe that nationalism is a great hindrance to humanity. It hinders one’s ability to objectively judge your government and to care for those beyond your own borders. As I see it, we are ALL in this together.

I do not believe that there can be an honest discussion about many social issues especially abortion and gay rights with religion in the picture.




I am a god.
I create a world for your eyes and ears.
I create, and you criticize.
I can immerse you in a place as familiar as your own home, or as alien as a distant world.
I can show you your
dreams and your nightmares.
I can show you the past, the present or the future.
I can choose your
hero and plot for your villain.
I can control every element, the love, and the hate; who lives and who

I am the omnipotent poet who suffers for his art.
Some drown in there own madness or take in the
I sit alone in the
darkness, observing the chaos and madness of the world.
And thus the madness and the chaos give way to creation.

This is genesis.
The story unfolds before you.
Triumph and
tragedy running hand in hand.
Now you see your fantasy and fear.
All is propaganda, but you believe it to be true.
What you
experience is a masterpiece, a collaboration of art, technology and the human mind.
It is my world, and it is my creation.

more of my poetry