by Michael Pain

Where is our Almighty God?

High above our heads, watching over us?

Or hiding behind the shut eyes and deaf ears of mindless fools?

To the simple mind everything can be explained with one three letter word.

Religion is science in the absence of fact.

After death and suffering; humanity's greatest crime against humanity is the clouding of free thought; and thus the spread of racism, religion and other forms of ignorance are equally criminal.

To see the truth behind religion; you only need step back and take a long hard look at human nature.



If God speaks of science, it is merely an interpretation, but if science speaks of God; then you have proof.

In time man will realize his omnipotence and God will seem more and more human.

In the absence of fear there is little faith.

Who are you to interpret the word of God?

You did not find your one true faith and your one true god by searching the world;

your one true faith found you.

You refuse to question the first thing you are told.

So who are you my friend?

You are a fool!

Why does a good Christian fear death and why do we morn the dead, if they are going to a much better place?

Here I am,
doubting your existence, questioning your omnipotence.
To you they plead their case, to all you refuse to show your face,
in the eyes of the believers, the congregation,
I am condemned to hell; deserved damnation.
Because I choose to think freely,
because I do not listen to the cries of the holy man.

Religion is based on the observations of a primitive society and is never tested. Science is based on the observations of an advanced society and is constantly tested.

The murderer who preys to god, the slave driver who confessed his sins and the charitable atheist;
who has no chance in heaven?

When we grow up we do away with childish things; our society must do the same.

Mankind has shown its insecurity by its belief in a greater purpose.

God lives as chaos. He is the knowledge of the unknown And the order among the unpredictable.

If atheists are deaf to the word of God, then theists are blind to the ways of man.

Some say that you must listen carefully to hear the word of God. It's unfortunate that theists can't hear the word of atheism over the voices in their heads.

not All Men are created equal, but we are all born human!

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1999 Michael Pain

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