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My atheism's acting up again! (20kb/mp3)
12.5 127 votes

Ned prank calls the 700 Club (3.6mb/mp3) Prank call to the 700 club. Funny as hell!
12.4 127 votes

Consumers Guide to Religion (3.34mb/mp3) Funny!
12.6 127 votes

Kissing Hanks Ass (video/ off site) by Nimpsy a must see video version of the Hanks Ass skit! 12.6 127 votes

Islamic Fundamentalists (The Onion) (230kb/mp3) Funny radio bit.
12.3 127 votes

Pastor Deacon Fred of Landover Baptist (2.8mb/mp3) Speech from the Godless american's march on washington. Amazing performance!
12.9 127 votes

Lie Girls Flag-waving, bible-thumping babes are waiting for you! These girls pose a grave ans gathering threat- to your pants!
12 127 votes

Creationist Classroom (video/ offsite) funny and scary animation.
12.7 127 votes

Baby Got Book (Sir mixalot parody) (video/ offsite)
12.2 127 votes

Farting Preacher 4 (video/ offsite) 12.7 127 votes

Keep your jesus off my penis (video/ offsite)
12.1 127 votes

Jesus Crists Survive 12 127 votes

Daily Show: Study of Prayer 11.8 127 votes

Daily Show: Pistol Packing Preachers 11.8 127 votes


Daily Show: Creation Museum 12 127 votes

also see: comedians guide for more audio.



-Tom Leykis-
radio talkshow host
list of stations

what if your wrong (606kb/mp3) "the worst thing about being an atheist is, when we're dead, I won't be able to tell you, I told you so!"
12.1 127 votes

an atheist! (1.3mb/mp3) Tom fights with a caller about being disrespected as an atheist.
12.6 127 votes

atheist BoyScout (452kb/mp3) Tom talks about the Seattle scout who has 1 week to decide if he believes in God.
12.7 127 votes

9-11 (1.7mb/mp3) Tom talks about the terror attack. "no god would let that happen!"
12 127 votes

Creationism (2.2mb/mp3) Tom talks with 2 callers about creation science.
11.8 127 votes

Laws of our Christian country (1.6mb/mp3) Caller askes Tom what he thinks of our Christian laws.
12.7 127 votes

abortion (1.4mb/mp3) Tom is attacked by anti-abortionists for being an atheist and pro-abortion.
12.5 127 votes