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religion - Yahoo News Search Results

Antonin Scalia: Constitution permits favoring of religion over non-religion
Gabrielle Levy DENVER, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said the separation of church and state -- one of the most important tenets of the Constitution -- is not absolute.
Religion in public life: another political divide that's growing
Americans increasingly believe the influence of religion in public life is waning, a Pew poll finds. In a likely consequence, the portion of Americans who want religious leaders to speak out on politics is growing. 
True Religion Apparel Launches Be So Bold Brand Campaign, Inviting Consumers ...
True Religion Apparel, Inc. today revealed its new Be So Bold campaign, which celebrates the Fearless Style brand relaunch and invites consumers to take the stage?across social and digital platforms? through bold statements of personal expression.
BY MIKE MCMANUS If you had a chance to save your life by denying your faith, would you do so? Meriam Ibrahim faced that choice in Sudan several months ago. Raised as a Christian, in 2011 she married a Christian American named Daniel Wani. read more
More Americans see influence of religion waning: poll
By Mary Wisniewski (Reuters) - Nearly three-quarters of the public think religion is losing influence in American life and a growing number want religion to play more of a role in politics, according to a poll released on Monday. The share of Americans who say churches and other houses of worship should express their views on social and political issues has gone up 6 percentage points since the ...
Ben Affleck in angry debate on Islam
Ben Affleck launched into an angry tirade over religion on TV show Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday.
We've killed more Muslims: Affleck
Actor launches into angry tirade over religion, slams stereoptyping and generalisations.
Americans concerned about declining influence of religion
A new Pew Research Center survey of opinion about the importance of religion in American life shows an interesting picture.
Islam is the religion of almost 2billion people from all over the world, all with different backgrounds and cultures. But it has come under a lot of scrutiny and suspicion recently due to the atrocities committed by Isis in Iraq and Syria.
Scalia: Government Can Favor ?Religion Over Non-Religion?
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia argued in a speech to a Christian college on Wednesday that the separation of church and state does not prohibit the government of the United States from favoring religion over atheism, or non-religion. Speaking at Colorado Christian University on Wednesday, Scalia defended his strict interpretation of the Constitution, claiming that Scalia: Government Can ...

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evolution - Yahoo News Search Results
evolution - Yahoo News Search Results

Evolution Is Not Random (At Least, Not Totally)
Evolution is often said to be "blind," because there's no outside force guiding natural selection. These mutations are guided by both the physical properties of the genetic code and the need to preserve the critical function of proteins, the researchers said. Conventional wisdom states that evolution occurs by random mutations that make an individual organism better able to survive and reproduce ...
Human Evolution 'Rewritten': Tool Use More Important than Social Skills
The evolution of humans and apes could be "rewritten" following a discovery that shows how a key part of the brain developed.
At Futurecom, Comverse Champions Evolution of CSPs to Become Digital Lifestyl...
Innovation Spotlighted at Event: Comverse Virtualized Billing, RCS & Future Digital Services for Enterprises and Consumers
Evolution Launches Dedicated Live Casino Environment for Rational Group's...
Evolution Launches Dedicated Live Casino Environment for Rational Group's Full Tilt Brand
New Genetic 'Operating System' Facilitated Evolution Of 'Bilatera...
Kim McDonald, UC San Diego The evolution of worms, insects, vertebrates and other ?bilateral? animals?those with distinct left and right sides?from less complex creatures like jellyfish and sea anemones with ?radial? symmetry may have been facilitated by the emergence of a completely new "operating system" for controlling genetic instructions in the cell. That?s the hypothesis of molecular ...
Starbucks names new head for Evolution Fresh unit
Jeff Hansberry, the president of Starbucks' China & Asia Pacific division, has been put at the helm of juice unit Evolution Fresh. The appointment comes in the wake of the departure of Chris Bruzzo, who recently left the company to become chief marketing officer at videogame maker EA.
The Evolution of Modern Fixed Income Investing: Russell Investments Canada Li...
The Evolution of Modern Fixed Income Investing: Russell Investments Canada Limited Research
If the World Started Over, Would Life Evolve the Same Way?
In his fourth-floor lab at Harvard University, Michael Desai has created hundreds of identical worlds in order to watch evolution at work. Each of his meticulously controlled environments is home to a separate strain of baker?s yeast. Every 12 hours, Desai?s robot assistants pluck out the fastest-growing yeast in each world ? selecting the fittest to live on ? and discard the rest. Desai then ...
Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire roll out new legendary Mega-Evolution
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will introduce a Mega-Evolution for Rayquaza, the third legendary Pokémon in the game's Hoenn region. Rayquaza, a dragon-and-flying-type Pokémon, will be able to block moves such as Rain Dance, Sandstorm or Hail in its Mega form and more. The Pokémon Company International previously revealed the original and primal forms for legendary Pokémon Groudon and ...
Watch the iPhone?s entire evolution unfold in one mesmerizing GIF
We?ve already seen great still pictures that show the iPhone?s evolution all the way from the original device in 2007 up to this year?s massive new iPhone 6 Plus. GadgetLove, however, has done something even cooler and has put together a fantastic GIF that slides through every major iPhone design iteration released so far, from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 ...

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